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Palazzo Vecchio

9th September 2014

Looking up through the open air of the first courtyard to the tower.

It was hot outside in Piazza della Signoria. Stiflingly hot and I was ready for any shred of shade after scouting out Neptune and his buddies. Neptune stood beside the Palazzo Vecchio, the main attraction of the square, and I stumbled my way inside to the first courtyard.

It seemed extremely dark given that I’d come from the hard midday sun in the Piazza, but my eyes soon adjusted to the moody amount of natural light bouncing in through the open air roof.

Manukau Harbour

31st August 2014

Sunset across Manukau Harbour.

There are some benefits to winter evenings.

Taken alongside Villa Maria winery, just north of Auckland Airport. There’s an interesting slice of rural New Zealand right next to our biggest airport that most people will never have seen. Take a detour the next time you’re there.