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Alexanderplatz Christmas Wheel

20th May 2015

The Wheel in action at the Alexanderplatz Christmas Market

Continuing my side interest of looking up at ferris wheels at night, this time at the Alexanderplatz Christmas Market. It was very close to my accommodation in Berlin which meant that most nights ended with a walk around the market with some form of German dessert pastry before heading for home.

Touring the Farmlands

14th May 2015

Heading back towards the Prince Albert.

The great English pub walk; the act of driving to an off-the-beaten-track pub, walking in a large circle across sedate but charming farmland, then returning to said pub for Sunday roast and a pint among the throng of farming locals that politely cluster around the bar and break into occasional conversation between sips.

Despite being completely ill-equipped for such an outing (gumboots don’t normally make my packing list when travelling), this taster of an English institution went down a treat. What’s not to love about walking through cowshit then being served a roast meal and Yorkshire pudding by the pub owner’s teenage son.