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Paved Paradise

29th July 2015

Clifford's Tower alongside the Coppergate Shopping Centre carpark.

York Castle has had an illustrious history. From the highs of being the stronghold of York to the lows of being a dilapidated ruin in someone’s backyard when the mound became part of a private property. But in it’s current day existence, the ultimate insult has been bestowed.

Quite literally, they put up a parking lot. The Coppergate Shopping Centre parking lot to be exact. Could the original builders have imagined what would happen to the site of their fortress 1,000 years later.

Palais Royale

17th July 2015

A quiet lunch within the courtyard of Le Palais Royale.

Having wandered aimlessly down Rue de Rivoli, the construction zone that I found myself in didn’t seem befitting of a place with Palais and Royale in it’s name. A little further along, however, the scaffolding began to dissolve, revealing the lush green courtyard that was hidden from view. Inside this eerily quiet oasis, a small lunchtime crowd reclined around the central water feature in typical French fashion. Nearby, in a bubble where time seemingly stood still, cafe diners passed the lunch hours at their leisure.

Scenes like this are one of the aspects of Paris that I remember most. On a weekday lunch in one of the busiest areas, while tourists swarm and the banalities of city life roll on, you find pockets like this.