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A Coronary at Sacré Cœur

31st October 2013

Looking south over Paris.

The Sacré Coeur is a different place for different people. For some, a quiet destination to run to, strip off, and read the paper with a cigarette. Indeed, sitting on the south side and looking out across Paris in unison is an easy trance to settle into. Compare and contrast this to the market on the west side.

Congestion during the Sunday market.

The star of the show is on the right, drawing a crowd with its thick scent of filthiness. My observation of the spectacle at the time:

Here I saw one of the most disgusting things ever: tartiflette. Potatoes cooked in a bath of cheese/cholesterol.


A good story has a protagonist and antagonist. Standing in the blue corner for French cuisine: over 300 years of history and tradition from the Haute Savoie region that goes into this celebrated dish. In the red corner for clogged arteries: Reblochon cheese at a 1:2 ratio with potatoes and a healthy dose of cream and white wine to help move even further away from a healthy heart tick.

There’s no need to cry “French Paradox!“; the majority of these victims are tourists with bodies unprepared to take this level of abuse. Exercise strong will and consider the chilli dish sitting beside this giant bowl of saturated fat or the saucisse opposite. Or to hell with it, indulge, and enjoy having your oesophagus lined with a coating of fresh oil.


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