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22nd June 2016

A selfie stick is prepared in front of Edinburgh Castle

It was hard to believe that this small area in front of Edinburgh Castle is where the Military Tattoo takes place. It seems genuinely tiny, and also on a distinct slope (the Lord’s of the North so to speak). To the right; the construction of the grandstand had begun. 1 month to put up, then 1 month to pull down. To the left; the entrance to the castle.

The tour guide had ducked away to retrieve tickets leaving enough time for the group to have a smoke (the most common European option), have an ice-cream (a strange winter option, but an option none the less), or grab a cheeky selfie.

Before this trip, I hadn’t appreciated that selfie sticks were such a thing – for young and the not so young it should be said – but every day had become a gauntlet of protecting one’s eyes from being taken out by a stray telescoping pole.


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