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ITU Montreal 2018 – Men’s Race

7th September 2018

Completing the first swim lap.

The speed review:
At the end of the bike, a small group containing Kristian Blummenfelt gets a lead from the main group containing Mario Mola. The race distills down to whether Mola can catch Blummenfelt, which he does with around 1km left to run.

Tom Bishop and Jacob Birtwhistle rounding the top of the climb.

Tyler Mislawchuk and Richard Murray.

Irving Perez.

Kristian Blummenfelt leads the pack.

Mario Mola.

Crisanto Grajales.

Joao Silva.

Kristian Blummenfelt leads for almost the entire run.

Mario Mola moves into second place early in the run and then chases Blummenfelt.

Third for most of the run, Richard Murray is overtaken by Jacob Birtwhistle for third.

Antonio Serrat, Gabor Faldum, and Bence Bicsak on the final lap.


UCI World Tour – Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec


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