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St James’s Park

30th June 2018

Looking east over St James’s Park Lake from Horseguards.

This serene, inner city scene is in contrast to what was going on behind me at Horseguards. A literal shit-storm as the mounted guards went about their ceremony while their trusty mounts emptied their bowels with free abandon. You know who the star of the show is when there are people around with the sole job of picking up your faeces.


31st May 2018

Sakura trees in High Park during spring.

Having been in Toronto since the middle of winter, I’d been waiting for the time when the locals awake from hibernation and venture out from their dens. It would seem that the slumber is broken in time for a short window in early May where the Sakura trees are in full bloom. This was the most people I’d seen in one place since I’d been here. Every person, dog, and excited star jumper.