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28th February 2018

HTO Park, Toronto.

Lake Ontario when it’s -10℃. Don’t be like the people next to me and tempt fate by seeing if they could walk out onto the ice.

It’s easier to go to the gift store

28th December 2017

Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin - Franz Krüger.

It was with great amusement that the security guard at the Alte Nationalgalerie and I watched this woman – clearly enamoured by Franz Krüger’s “Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin” – painstakingly take close up photos across the entire width of this 3.74m painting. I don’t know what her end game was as she would only be able to reach the lower portion of the painting and her phone would only be taking average quality photos in this setting, but – hey! – each to their own.