A Haka in Rome

12 Sep 2011

The Italian haka.

The Italian haka.

With the Rugby World Cup kicking off in Auckland, the occurrences of ‘flash hakas’ has given everyone something to smile at. Perhaps news has managed to spread all the way to Rome, stirring the minds and hearts of local young science lovers of the Frascati Scienza eager to show their passion for their art.

Walking through the streets of Rome, I intersected a procession of sorts walking slowly to the beat of a drum by their staunch leader. The procession continued to the Spanish Steps where they stopped and began the show.

The outcome: a stirring performance which would make Newton smile from his grave, but probably best to leave the haka to New Zealand and the Pacific Island countries.

UPDATE 1: Thanks to kifaya11 on YouTube for clarifying that these folks are protesting the decline of science and culture due to the Italian government’s economic policies.

UPDATE 2: Appears that kifaya11 was a little off the mark. Slasli, a co-author of the Italian haka, clarifies: “Not exactly. I can assure you that this urban performance had the main goal of promoting the european night of researchers (23th September, Frascati).”