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Close to Home

18th May 2011

The view from my deck in the days approaching the full moon.

Image taken late one night from my deck in the days approaching the current full moon. Clouds are tricky animals; getting them to move in the desired direction can be a painstaking task.

Somewhere out here is Saturn and the constellations of Virgo – the winged angel holding an ear of wheat (sounds like a bit of a raw deal for an angel), Coma Berenices – the hair of Queen Berenice II of Egypt, Canes Venatici – a couple of dogs hanging out, and Bootes – a massive hulk of a farmer. Impressed with my knowledge of the skies? Don’t be. It’s easy when you’ve got an application like Star Walk on hand. An app like this is very handy for those interested in taking images of the night sky or to find out when the full moon will be at a certain point to light those nightscapes you’ve been planning.


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