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Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

12th April 2011

The Batmobile takes to the track.

Moving on from school kids rolling down a straight road, the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix returned to The Domain with over 80 home-made creations taking to the track. A brilliant day of racing with plenty of carnage to keep the crowd happy. Top marks to the Decepticarts duo who risked life and limb while piloting their shopping trolley abomination to the day’s most spectacular end on course; one half taking the aerial route into the hay bales while the other relied on the protective properties of their lycra suits.


Approaching the finish line, successfully in one piece.

A happy driver completes the final bend that proved the undoing for much of the field.

Two men in a tub survive the mid-course jump and head for home.


Orewa Beach


North Shore Soap Box Derby – Saturday, 2 April 2011