For Almost All To Enjoy

11 Jan 2013

A prized MG is decked out for December.

A prized MG is decked out for December.

A recent newspaper article (print only unfortunately) reflected on the opposite side of Christmas on Franklin Rd. For the residents, it’s a lot of work with the eventual pay-off of seeing the enjoyment from the 100,000+ that visit. While an impressive number of households take part, not all do and there is no requirement to do so.

I’ve seen and heard the assault on non-partipants and their houses from the sub-set of the public who feel authorised to pass judgement and enforce punishment. Not cool people, not cool.

So, please, when December rolls around again, do the following:

  • Take a chill pill with a large glass of water. Have some food as well as chill pills don’t go well on an empty stomach. Have some of that ham or booze-laden fruit cake.
  • Make your way to Franklin Rd. You can’t miss it; it’s lit up like a runway.
  • Walk up and down the street, buy a light stick or similar to wave around, give a dollar to the young lady playing the harp (she’s lugging a giant harp around each night, that’s worth a coin itself).
  • Enjoy the efforts of people you don’t know.
  • Go back home to your own street which is so boring that you were compelled to travel to another part of town and walk up and down someone else’s.