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Just Beyond the Backyard

31st August 2013

Kaipatiki Creek.

Take a look at an aerial map of Auckland and you’ll notice a prominence of natural reserves and green space, in particular just over the bridge on the North Shore (a.k.a.; Little South Africabra). While there are grander examples of green spaces in the world, having a natural reserve exist little further than one’s own backyard is nothing to be sneezed at. A great number of folks, however, will never have ventured in to see what’s only a stone’s throw away.

Case in point; Birkenhead Domain and the adjoining Eskdale Reserve which thousands drive by each day on Glenfield Rd. Heading in for only a few minutes will find you face to face with genuine bush, a torrent of a creek, and a waterfall which, while admittedly modest, is a waterfall nonetheless.


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