Situation Vacant

18 Feb 2015

Mike Stowers attacks the run.

Mike Stowers attacks the run.

For several years, I’ve been photographing the run leg of the Stroke and Stride – an 8 race series of swim run events held over the summer at Mission Bay. My job, albeit self-appointed, has been to shoot the 200-odd competitors as they stream by and try to get a keeper of every one of them. The images then find their way to the event gallery as part of the every growing record of this iconic event.

I originally started doing this to hone my camera skills. Shooting fast action sports requires you to know your weapon of choice. If you’re not at one with your camera, you’ll quickly find out and the only way to rectify the situation is to practice. Shooting for the Stroke and Stride seemed like a perfect match; I got a ready made set of athletes to point my camera at while the race got to add to it’s burgeoning galleries. That’s exactly how it’s worked out and I’ve had a great run.

It’s now time for me to move on though which means that there’s a place on Tamaki Drive for someone else to occupy. Perhaps that person is you. The racing is fast and fierce and lasts about an hour on a weeknight. The athletes are happy to have their photo taken and you won’t be assumed to be a stalker of any sorts.

Get in touch if you’re interested and I’ll be happy to let you know all the details.