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This is supposed to be fun

31st October 2017

Long Island, New York.

Overall, the amount of planning I’d done for this trip to the USA was reasonably light. There were only a few occasions where I wanted to be in a certain place at a certain time and this fateful day was one of them; Long Island for the 4th of July. The main event was the well known pinnacle of human achievement, sometimes referred to by it’s alternative name, the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition (the subject of a future post).

But for those not inclined for grown men and woman eating 2 weeks of food in 10 minutes, there is the beach. Perhaps the meaning of “going to the beach” is different in Brooklyn, but from where I come from, going to the beach is supposed to be fun. Long Island is open air claustrophobia. Only the first rows of people could even see the water and many couldn’t see anything given the forest canopy of umbrellas and the human wall around them. For most, the only difference between being on the beach and a parking lot is the sand they’re sitting on.