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Super Time Trial

28th July 2013

Women's time trial winner - Mariana Pajon.

What can you do with 10,000 wooden pallets and 60 truck and trailer loads of specially prepared dirt? Build a BMX track for the 2013 BMX World Championships of course, and do it inside Vector Arena for good measure.

Sarah Walker rides with an arm brace alongside Manon Valentino.

Elite men's practice session with Bodi Turner, Rogerio Dos Reis, Daniel Caluag, Federico Villegas, Christopher Mireles Suazo, Corey Frieswyk, and Kyle Dodd.

Sam Willoughby jumps into Turn 2.

Men's time trial winner - Connor Fields.

Junior women's time trial winner - Felicia Stancil.

Junior men's time trial winner - Romain Mahieu.


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