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Cow Manure Bath

8th July 2013

Contrasting emotions midway through the creek.

One of the more popular articles here is this post on the Tough Guy and Gal challenge in Auckland. Where traffic comes from is most interesting: searches for the term ‘cow manure bath’. Now, I’m not up to play with the latest beauty techniques, health fads, or fetishes, but ‘cow manure bath’ is quite a specific term; I don’t think typos are responsible. Whatever floats your boat though.

For the intrepid cow manure bath lovers of the world Googling furiously for more media, here’s a few shots of the recent 2013 edition of the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge at Woodhill Sands to sate your appetite.

Under the electric fence.

Into the mud slide.

The first hurdle.

Climbing out of the first mud bath.

A brief respite before the chest-high section.

Approaching the cargo nets.

Hidden sinkholes.


Super Time Trial


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