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Drive by

15th January 2017

Photos of Edinburgh Castle are taken from the top of a double decker bus as it travels down Princes St.

A habit I’ve gotten into when arriving into a new town is to make going on a hop-on hop-off style sightseeing bus one of the first things I do. I’ve found this helps me to get my bearings, work out where the various attractions are, and to see if they look anything like what they do in the marketing material. Usually, you get a slightly different view as well since wouldn’t normally be seeing it from the top of a moving double-decker bus.

In Edinburgh, the main act is the castle. Being perched on top of a hill with steep sides is great, not only for defence, but for seeing it at many angles and from many distances and this makes for many Kodak moments where-ever you are on the sightseeing bus loop, and when you’re up close.




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